Barbara Gerew

Rochester, NY (11/23/1934 – 01/17/2021)

Barbara Ann, as she would come to be known as, was born in 1934. She grew up in Rochester and lived on Sheppler Street with her parents, and younger brother, Eddie. Her parents worked at Kodak and were rarely home. Mom was pretty much the maid, cook and parent to Eddie. They were inseparable. Mom took care of him like he was her own.

She attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Nazareth Academy. She started working at a young age in her uncle’s grocery store. From there she worked at Kodak for 13 years in the travel department and did some modeling for them as well. This is where she met my father. After they were married, she became a stay-at-home mom. She did return to the workforce later in life and we both worked at Whelpley and Paul Opticians.

My mother was loved by so many. She always knew how to brighten someone’s day and make them feel loved. She treated everyone with kindness and respect. She rarely got mad and when she did, you knew she had a darn good reason! Her outlook on life was inspiring. If you were lucky to spend more than five minutes in her presence, you were forever changed. I am so grateful to have had a mother who embraced each day with optimism.

My mother went through a lot in her life. She definitely deserved a lot better hand than the one she was dealt. She was diagnosed with dementia over 10 years ago. She was tenacious but Covid was no match.

She was the strongest person I have ever known and I mean mentally and physically. She was the kindest, most loving person there ever was. As her daughter, I feel like I grew up with the most incredible role model who taught me to always be myself and to always try my best. She said that is all you can do. I will miss her smile, her hugs, her laugh, her advice, and her happy-go-lucky personality. I know I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.